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West Hollywood’s Home Automation Installer

As a home automation installer, Next Tech Systems gives your new home constructions cutting-edge, low-voltage smart systems. Based in West Hollywood, our C10 licensed, bonded, and insured company has optimized Los Angeles residential developments for years. We’re expert technicians who wire and install security systems, AV systems, and intercom systems. Whether you’re a real estate developer, a construction company, or a realtor or homeowner seeking construction contractors, we work with you to modernize your properties.

Smart homes are in high demand, and automating a house unleashes its full market potential. Next Tech Systems brings the highest quality, state-of-the-art smart systems to your fingertips. From our use of Control 4® products to taking the time to correctly place the wiring, Next Tech Systems works to make the construction into the perfect smart home. We place the wires for both current and potential future connectivity needs.

The future inside your home.
The future inside your home.
The future inside your home.
The future inside your home.

ProfessionalHome Theater Setup Services

As part of our smart home services, Next Tech Systems handles home theater setup. Once all wiring is complete and the construction is ready for interior work—typically after 4 or 5 months, just after the drywall is set—we install the speakers, TVs, lighting, and any other starting elements. The home theater and AV systems, just like the rest of the property, can be completely controlled from a remote or smartphone.

From the initial walkthrough to connecting the last wire, Next Tech Systems helps real estate and construction experts like you create a high-worth property. Optimize your offerings and attract serious homebuyers. Contact us today.

Our Vendors

  • Control 4 Branding
  • Door Bird Branding
  • Alexa Branding
  • Google Home Branding
  • Hik Vision Branding
  • RIK Branding
  • Sonos Branding
  • Sony Branding
  • Truaudio Branding
  • Ubiquiti Branding
  • VSSL Branding
  • Yamaha Branding
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